Barmac B-Series VSI Wear Parts

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The wear parts for a Barmac B-Series VSI are contained both within and on the outer surfaces of the rotor. Different parts have material technology to resist either impact or abrasive wear.
Selection of the correct wear parts for the application required is fundamental to ensure the desired performance. Parts must be chosen according to the feed material characteristics of abrasiveness and crushability, 

Feed size and Rotor speed to suit the product requirements.
In using rock-on-rock VSI equipment it is essential that wear parts allow stone beds to form to prevent wear on steelwork and exposed edges of the rotor.
It is important to choose material that under normal operating conditions offers the best performance.
Barmac B-Series VSI crushers have many different wear parts inside the Rotor. Including:
• Rotor Tips, Back-up Tips, Tip / Cavity Wear
Plates to protect all areas of the exit ports
• Upper and Lower internal wear plates to protect the inner body of the rotor
• Internal distributor plate to receive initial entry impact and distribute the material to each port
• Feed Tube and Feed Eye Ring to guide the material centrally into the rotor
• Internal Trail plates to maintain rotor stone beds formed during operation

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Wear evaluation
The wear parts that are worn the most inside the rotor are the Distributor plate, Rotor Tips, Lower wear plates and Feed tube. 

This happens because these parts have direct con-tact with the feed material at all times as it passes through the rotor.
The distributor plate is worn in two ways, firstly by impact as the material falls vertically into the rotor and then abrasion as is sent horizontally out of the rotor.
The Rotor tips are the last thing to touch the feed material as it exits the rotor. They have a Tungsten insert that improves wearlife. 

We often use the life of the tips as a reference point for the other rotor wear parts. 

The lower wear plates generally wear more than the upper wear plates due to under utilisation of the rotors maximum throughput and the use of an incorrectly
shaped trail plate.
The feed tube is worn as it guides/funnels the feed material into the rotor opening as it comes down from the hopper.

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